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Warranty Policy

Our goal is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the Two Trees and its services. We provide a 30-day return service (starting from the date of purchase). Within 30 days, you can return or exchange the product for free for any reason. Once we receive the machine, the refund or exchange service will continue.

For your convenience we suggest you to keep the original crates and the packages in case of returning. Freight and handling costs are not included in the refunds. Any nonreturnable accessories will not be refunded. The shipping/handling fees will be charged as the non-refundable shipping fees. Please contact us to confirm before returning.

I. 1 Year Limited Warranty

How to obtain 1 year limited warranty service?

Warranty period starts at the order time. Two Trees warrants that products and parts including the power source would be in perfect condition in terms of materials or workmanship for 1 year. During warranty period, Two Trees provides free service of repairing or changing the defective parts including transporting. If the product does not work properly during the warranty period, email us at for after-sales service. Your email should include a valid purchase order number or any proof of purchase.

This warranty only includes normal use of the laser machine/3d Printers. Two Trees would not be responsible if any damages or defects result from:

  1. products or parts whose warranty expired;
  2. products purchased through channels that are not authorized by Two Trees, or products resold by other buyers;
  3. normal discoloration, wear, and tear, and consumption that occur during the use of the product;
  4. failure or damage is caused by incorrect or improper use, maintenance, or storage, including improper handling, use of the product not for the reasons intended purpose, improper plugging or unplugging of external devices, drops or improper external crash; contact with or exposure to improper temperatures, solvents, acids, alkalis, water intrusion, etc., an infestation of insects or rodents or intrusion of foreign objects resulting in the breakage, dust, damage of the product or parts (such as housing, components, wiring, etc.);
  5. failure or damage caused by installation, repair, alteration, addition, or removal by any agency or personnel not authorized by Two Trees;
  6. damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly or removal of the casing, or damage due to failure to follow the official manual or instructions;
  7. products or parts whose original identification information has been modified, altered, or removed;
  8. products or parts of which you cannot provide a valid receipt or any other documents that can prove the warranty status;
  9. failure or damage caused by use of software that is illegally authorized, non-standard, or not publicly available;
  10. damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues due to the use of unauthorized third-party parts;
  11. failure or damage caused by a virus infection, hacker attacks, or other malicious infringements.
  12. failure or damage caused by force majeure or accidents;
  13. damage that occurs during its transit back for repair;
  14. other failure or damage not caused by the quality of the product;
  15. products that can operate uninterruptedly or without errors;

Two Trees does not assume responsibility for the issues above. If you run into the issues above, contact relevant parties for solutions.

International express shipping costs and/or customs fees associated with fulfillment of Warranty Replacement Items are the responsibility of the client.

Return of Non-Defective Product Policy:
A non-defective product may be returned to Two Trees within 7 days of the date of receipt for a refund of the original purchase price with the following amendments/fees:
1. Two Trees will refund neither the original shipping cost nor the shipping and handling fees incurred from the return.
2.All Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee, which percentage is taken from the final purchase price less any shipping or handling charges. Return shipping is the buyer's responsibility.
3. To return any product clients must email our Customer Service Department prior to shipping for approval. Due to freight costs we will not accept any unapproved returned shipments.

Post Warranty Support or Repairs:
Two Trees offers free lifetime tech support via Email to the original purchaser. However, after 1 year, replacement parts will be the responsibility of the clients including shipping charges. Two Trees will provide a quote for the necessary parts and repairs.

Pre-sales support:; After-sales technical supports:;