About us

Our Mission

TwoTrees has always championed and created a fully free design lifestyle. Our Mission is to bring safe 3D printing & laser engraving technology and product to every person, home and organization for a fully possibility of creative world.


Brand History

Created in 2017, TwoTrees is one of the biggest producer of 3d printer and accessories in China, today comprises R&D, Produce, and Retailing; that creates high-quality products. It is a technology company present in all four major sectors of the 3Dprinter market: 3D Printers, Laser engravers, Spare parts & accessories and filaments.

TwoTrees currently employs over 200 people across the world and reported sales of 10 million dollars in 2021. Over these years, TwoTrees has carefully preserved and enhanced consumer experience by resolutely focusing on the quality of their products and services. Vertical integration across the value chain cultivates this excellence both upstream and downstream, from sourcing of the finest raw materials to production and worldwide retailing. This model guarantees the excellence of our products over time.

We are every bit as uncompromising about our ethics and our underlying social and environmental responsibilities. TwoTrees has always been strongly committed to ethical behavior and insists on integrity in all our activities and relations, whether with employees, partners or other stakeholders.

Strategy Ambitions


The whole company must cultivate the highest level of quality, not simply to maintain it year after year, but also to elevate it as we continually set even higher standards.



The combination of creativity and innovation is the foundation of our Brand. This is what enables to achieve the delicate balance needed to continually renew our offer. They have always been key to our Brand’ success over the years and invite exploration of the infinite possibilities offered by new technologies, a major growth path for the company.


Quality is a pillar of TwoTrees’s success. The brand cultivates the highest level of quality in their products and services. We are privileged in being able to offer the highest quality products thanks to the exceptional technicians. We embody everything that is noblest and accomplished in the world of production, paying meticulous attention to detail and striving for perfection.


Every action taken by the company and its employees reflects our commitment to ethics, corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment. Firmly convinced that truly desirable products can only come from sustainable businesses, we are committed to ensuring that our products and the way they are made have a positive impact on our entire ecosystem and the places and communities where we operate, and that our Brand is actively working to build a better future.