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Laser engraver that cuts wood up to 10mm. Two trees tt-s 55 of 5.5W. It removes the rust as well

by Nanzhen Kuang 11 May 2022

You will not be able to resist buying this laser engraver. You are about to see something spectacular that costs little and works great. Laser engraver that cuts wood up to 10mm. TWO TREES TT-S 55 5.5W. It also removes rust from iron. Laser engraving also on metal, wood etc. Laser cut. Fixed focus laser module for engraving and cutting wood, plastic. Incredible quality and definition of engraving, with further improvement, thanks to the installation of a protective cover that acts almost as an air assist, to have a surface without burn marks. Easy to use. Motherboard with firmware version 1.8 with speeds up to 8,000 mm / m and laser module with 0.8 focus point. This laser engraver can be used with both lasergrbl and lightburn and with all laser engraver management software.


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