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Laser Engraver review TwoTrees TS2 20W and 1064nm Laser Head

by Li Zhao 22 May 2023

 A Product review of the Twotrees TS2 Laser engraver!
This has a huge bed size, z-axis control, and a massive 20W Laser head!

More interestingly, Laser manufacturers have been offering 1064nm Laser heads as well, that can engrave all metals! (but I have other plans for it :-) so subscribe!)

The two trees TS2 laser engraver is a fantastic machine that could easily compete with small carbon dioxide lasers. If you're intending on running a business with something like this, I would highly recommend getting the 20 watt head. Because it really is quite fast. As we've seen it's capable of cutting plywood and acrylic and marking both of those capable of marking stainless steel and capable of marking anodized aluminum.

So you know a pretty good all-round head one thing it isn't
capable of , but this is the same for all dialed lasers it's not capable of
cutting things like clear acrylic.

If you're interested in being able to mark all manner of metals, then the 1064 nanometer head is absolutely fantastic for this job. As we've seen it's capable of marking Chrome plated tool steel , it's capable of marking brass aluminum copper and even plastic as well.

If you're running a small jewelry business, and all you wanted to do is to be able to you know personalize jewelry. For example, this would be absolutely fantastic for that. It can mark at quite high speeds, but if you want a particularly deep patch, then as as usual with laser cutters. You know you've got to sort of play around with the speeds and

                                                                                                           ----Les' Lab 

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