【95% New Used-Machine】Bluer Plus(BLU-5) i3-style 3D Printer - EU 230V
Two Trees BLU-5 is 3D Printing Machine with automatical bed leveling design and largest printing space of 300*300*400mm. It's 90% pre-assembled and only 6 screws required to complete installation. It's built with metal sheet material for durable and stable application....
$ 449.00 $ 151.60
【95% New】Y-axis Rotary Attachment for Laser Engraver
How to connect the rotary attachment with the laser engraver?    
$ 69.00 $ 19.60
【95% New】TwoTrees Filament Dry Box EU Plug
TwoTrees Filament Dry Box
$ 85.00 $ 31.50
【95% New Used-Machine】 TS2 10W Diode Laser Engraver - EU 230V
Large Working Area 450*450 mm engraver size 10W Laser Module the power is more powerful 32-Bit Motherboard Support Offline Engraving Top-Notch Safety Flame Detector & Emergency Stop Button Laser Spot 0.08mm LD+FAC+C-lens technology enables the spot reach up to 0.08mm,...
$ 699.00 $ 234.50
Wooden ID Tags Blank Rectangle Wooden Key Chain Diy
20 * Wooden ID Tags  Use: Collar accessories Type For: keychains Type: ID Tags Type: keychains Pattern: Solid Name: Wooden ID Tags Material: Wooden For: keychains
$ 19.00
TWOTREES MKS TS35 V2.0 3.5 TOUCH SCREEN for the TS2 Laser Engraver
$ 49.00 $ 39.00
ER11 Collet Chuck for CNC Engraving Machine
The ER11 collet is a mounted on the drilling machine drill chuck, ER collet availablein an extended rod BT ER handle, used for CNC Engraving Machine. Inner diameter:3.175 / 6mmQuantity: 1pc
$ 19.00
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