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TwoTrees Safest Enclosed Laser Engraver TS3 with engraving size of 300*200mm  

TwoTrees Safest Enclosed Laser Engraver TS3 with engraving size of 300*200mm


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Abdessalam Berki
Good Set

More features, pretty nice machine!

Good Stuff....

Excellent experance with all the tensions in world today they got oit done.. The machine is well made and works great.. Thanks.. Fathertime

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Materials test

Device & Material TS3
SpecificationTesting Type

Rated Power: 10W

Tested Power: 9.89W

Plywood (1MM)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting1000mm/min 100%
Plywood (2MM)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting900mm/min 100%
Plywood (3MM)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting700mm/min 100%
Plywood (4MM)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting500mm/min 100%
Plywood (5MM)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting300mm/min 100%
Plywood (8MM)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting150mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (1MM)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting500mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (2MM)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting400mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (3MM)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting150mm/min 100%
Pine Board 7.0mmEngraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting150mm/min 100%
Pine Board 9.0mmEngraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting100mm/min 100%
Paper 0.1mm (Darker Color)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting4000mm/min 100%
Paper 0.3mm (Darker Color)Engraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting2000mm/min 100%
250g/sq.m Kraft PaperEngraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting2000mm/min 100%
3mm CardboardEngraving6000mm/min 50%
Cutting800mm/min 100%
Leather 0.7MMEngraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting2000mm/min 100%
Non-woven Fabric (0.5mm, darker color)Engraving6000mm/min 15%
Cutting2000mm/min 100%
Dust-free Cloth (white)EngravingX
Cutting150-200mm/min 100%
Cutting500mm/min 100%
Plastic Plates (In darker color)Engraving6000mm/min 40%
Acrylic 5mmEngraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting150mm/min 100% *2
Tinned WireEngravingX
CobblestoneEngraving6000mm/min 100%
Coated MetalEngraving6000mm/min 50%
Electroplated MetalEngraving1000mm/min 100%
Anodized AluminumEngraving6000mm/min 20%
Stainless SteelEngraving3000mm/min 100%
MDF 3mmEngraving6000mm/min 60%
Cutting150mm/min 100% x2
Paper Angle Bead 5mmEngraving6000mm/min 60%
Cutting100mm/min 100% x2



Model No.TS3
Laser power10W Compressed spot laser
Laser wave length445±5nm
Output power35W-40W
MaterialAluminum profile + metal
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy0.1mm
Engraving Size14.2" (300*200mm)
Engraving accuracy0.08mm
Engraving speed10000mm / min
Engraving methodUSB / APP / Online / Screen Operation
Engraving materialsStainless steel
Engraving modeImage carving、Test carving、Scanning carving、Contour carving、Pixel carving
Support systemWindows
Support SoftwareLaserGRBL / Lightburn
Machine Size570*430*270mm
Package Size630*500*330mm
Machine Weight14.4kg
Package Weight16kg

TF Card Files: Download (User manual, installation video,softwares and other required files are all included in the profile.)


How to do color laser engraving?

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