TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S - TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S
TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S

TwoTrees Laser Engraver TT-5.5S

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Device & Material TT-5.5S
SpecificationTesting Type

Rated Power: 5.5W

Tested Power: 4.98W

Plywood (1MM)Engraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting400~500mm/min 100%
Plywood (2MM)Engraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting300~400mm/min 100%
Plywood (3MM)Engraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting200~300mm/min 100%
Plywood (4MM)Engraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting100~150mm/min 100%
Plywood (5MM)Engraving2000mm/min 30%
Cutting100mm/min 100% *2
Plywood (8MM)Engraving2000mm/min 30%
Acrylic Sheet (1MM)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting100~200mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (2MM)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting100~150mm/min 100%
Acrylic Sheet (3MM)Engraving6000mm/min 20%
Cutting150mm/min 100% *2
Pine Board 7.0mmEngraving2000mm/min 40%
Cutting100mm/min 100% *2
Pine Board 9.0mmEngraving2000mm/min 40%
Paper 0.1mm (Darker Color)Engraving6000mm/min 45%
Cutting4000mm/min 100%
Paper 0.3mm (Darker Color)Engraving4000mm/min 80%
Cutting1500-2000mm/min 100%
250g/sq.m Kraft PaperEngraving4000mm/min 80%
Cutting1500-2000mm/min 100%
3mm CardboardEngraving6000mm/min 80%
Cutting300-400mm/min 100%
Leather 0.7MMEngraving6000mm/min 80%
Cutting700mm/min 100%
Non-woven Fabric (0.5mm, darker color)Engraving6000mm/min 60%
Cutting2000-3000mm/min 100%
Dust-free Cloth (white)EngravingX
Cutting50-100mm/min 100%
Cutting300mm/min 100%
Plastic Plates (In darker color)Engraving6000mm/min 70%
Acrylic 5mmEngraving6000mm/min 20%
Tinned WireEngravingX
CobblestoneEngraving3000mm/min 100%
Coated MetalEngraving5000mm/min 50%
Electroplated MetalEngraving300mm/min 100%
Anodized AluminumEngraving4000mm/min 60%
Stainless SteelEngraving1500mm/min 100%
MDF 3mmEngraving5000mm/min 40%
Paper Angle Bead 5mmEngraving4000mm/min 80%

Model numberTT-5.5s
TypeLaser Engraving
MaterialAluminum + Plastic
Control boardMKS LKS
Laser wavelength450nm
Laser power5500mW (LD+FAC)
Engraving Size300*300mm
Laser inputAC100-240V
Power supply12V 4A DC
PlugUSA / EU / UK / AU Plug (optional)
Engraving speed8000mm/min
Carving methodComputer Online Operation
File / .dxf / .bmp / .jpg / .png etc.
Engraving modeimage / text / scanning / outlining / pixel engraving, etc.
Support softwareLaser GRBL/LIGHTBURN
Support SystemWindows/Mac
Continuous working time≤6Hrs
Machine SizeL570*W485*H170MM

TF Card Files: Download (User manual, installation video,softwares and other required files are all included in the profile.)

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LD+FAC Laser Technology

0.08mm compressed laser provides faster& deeper cuts, thinner and clearer trails.

300*300mm Operation Space

Large engraving size with open structure, suitable for projects of different sizes.

Fixed Laser Focus

Save your nerves on adjusting focus, easy to use and suitable for beginners.

Modular Assembly

Parts pre-assembled into few modules,much easier to set up the machine.

TT-5.5S is a powerful desktop laser engraving machine using LD+FAC+C-lens technology with 0.08mm compressed laser spot for stronger engraving and cutting capabilities. Its 300*300mm cutting space allows users to process various materials of different sizes and realize their full potential of creation.

Compressed Laser Spot

Advanced LD + FAC compressed laser technology to obtain a more powerful engraving and cutting ability with 0.08mm laser spot, more concentrated and higher precision to reduces the engraving time.

300*300mm Engraving Range

Large carving area, no limit of carving height, so you can carve as you like.

Fixed Focus Laser

No need to adjust the focal length before engraving. And the new laser offers both the possibility of precision engraving and high-energy cutting functions.

Z-axis Lifting Table

Since laser head is a fixed-focus, the Z-axis lifting table enables lower or raises the height of the laser head (0-40mm) to achieve the best engraving/cutting effect for different materials and heights.

X-axis Belt Tensioner

The belt tensioner makes it easier and more convenient to adjust the tightness of the X-axis to avoid the engraving staggered layer caused by the loose belt and achieve higher accutacy.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with software such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn or BenBox for Windows, Mac, Linux system. Supports popular vector and image file formats like NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.

Suitable Materials

Suitable for various materials such as leather, wood, MDF, acrylic, cardboard, bamboo, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, paper, rubber, sponge paper, etc.

Engraving Mode

Support multiple engraving modes including Photo, text, scanning, outline, pixel laser engraving.

Anti-slip Bracket

Anti-slip foot pad design, easy to install and makes the machine more stable.

Motor Integrated Drive Module

Modular design, more stable performance, and the three stepper motor drivers can provide faster-moving speed, completing high-efficiency engraving.

Auxiliary Positioning Light

The red auxiliary light helps users set the right positioning easily without extra settings.

Silent Motherboard

The silent motherboard ensure smooth movement under 50db, no noise during engraving.

High Precision Stepper Motor

1.8°angle stepper motor, more stable when working.

Open-source Design

With extra socket for more DIY modules to add advanced functions and customization for your device.

Comparison Sheet

Model No. TTS-55 TT-5.5S TT-5.5
Laser Type LD+FAC+C LD+FAC+C Standard
Material Aluminum + Plastic Aluminum + Plastic Aluminum + Acrylic
Control board LTS ESP32 (32bit) MKS LKS (8 bit) MKS LKS (8 bit)
Laser wavelength 450±5nm 450±5nm 450±5nm
Engraving Size 300*300mm 300*300mm 380*380mm
Accuracy 0.1 mm 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Carving method USB / APP / WiFi USB USB
Continuous working time 24Hrs 6Hrs 2Hrs
Machine Size L570 * W510 * H170MM L570 * W485 * H170MM L480 * W440 * H180MM
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
not to good

it´s a okay machine for hobbyist but the moving gantry i heavy (3 stepper and height adj.) so slower engraving to not risk losing steps.
manual says you get 12v 4a power supply mine says 12v 3a (max4a) that´s a new one (steppers are about 1.4A most 5w LD is around 3A so total 4.4a ish)
the X gantry is plastic and not rigid enough (V wheels have to clamp harder and gantry plate can maybe get warped with time)
and excited to see how long laser lasts
customer support is fast but not very usefully

Javier Lieblein

Producto excepcional, muy buena calidad y muy buen servicio técnico

Simone Colombatto

Assolutamente eccezzionale

Georges Lapointe

I only assembeld It si far and with the video it's fairly easy but se have to go slowly. I think that I'm going to gave fun.
Received earlier than scheduled.

Angelo Skagos

【Direct Shipping】TwoTrees Compressed Laser Engraver TT-5.5S

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