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🏆🌟 UCL Final Fortune Teller: Can You Predict the Winner?🌟🏆

Are you ready for the UEFA Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter Milan? TwoTrees has an exciting guessing campaign for you! 🤩Vote for your champion team and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

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🎁 Extra Bonus: You can also guess the score, share your favorite team or player, and showcase your souvenirs made with a 3D printer, laser engraving machine, or CNC in the comment. 🤖 .

❤️‍🔥Randomly select winners from the top 10% of participants in the poll, ⚠️with TopFans having more chances to win. And if you place an order for the TTC450 on our official website during the campaign, you'll get $30 cashback! 💰

⚽FortuneTeller Portal:
⏳Time: 6/8-10
👤Winners will be announced on June 12