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Laser TTS-55

Good product, fast delivery.

Blu 3 v2, ein super Drucker. Out of the Box, ein klasse 3 d Druck

Top Drucker, funktioniert einwandfrei "out of the box". Firmware gut kompiliert. Super Druck Ergebnis.
Bin positiv überrascht und sehr zufrieden 👍😊.

Good experience

I am a complete rookie. It took me 30 minutes to assemble the machine. Very great experience. It took me some time to download at lightburn. But luckily I finished my first work quickly. Thanks a lot!

ho un problema di connessione e non riesco a risolvere

ho provato a contattarvi con una descrizione del problema e foto delle schermate che mostrano il problema, e non so come posso risolvere se aveste la gentilezza di inviarmi il necessario per poterlo riprogrammare, dal linck ufficiale non sono riuscito a risolvere anche se carica correttamente il firmware.

Salve! Grazie mille per averci contattato. Il nostro ingegnere ha cercato di contattarla e ha inviato un'e-mail al suo indirizzo di posta elettronica. Forse l'e-mail è stata classificata come spam. Potrebbe controllare nuovamente la sua e-mail? Per qualsiasi domanda, non esiti a contattarci!

Hello! Thank you very much for reaching out to us. Our engineer tried to contact you and he sent an email to your email address. Maybe the email was classified as spam. Could you please check your email again? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Not for the impatient, learning curve is long and tedious, equipment is top notch easy to assemble

send me softwere to work with engraver twoo trees 3018

good, with some caveats.

Ok, I've got 5 of these printers running moderately hard in a small print farm for the past 2 months. And overall I am happy with them. I like the size, I like how fast they are. I've had a few issues that I needed to contact customer service about and they were very helpful and responsive, even considering the obvious language barrier (you'll see what I mean if you contact them). And the user interface has some features that I appreciate and are not found on printers I've used from another brand.
I've learned a few things about these printers that are certainly not deal breakers, but that a prospective buyer might appreciate knowing.
#1: Upgrade the firmware. When you go to the firmware section of the twotrees site, there is a disclaimer not to upgrade firmware unless your printer doesn't work. Don't listen, just do it. They new firmware is better than what the printers ship with.
#2: 3Dtouch or BLtouch support/integration sucks. If you put the G29 code into your g-code, the printer just does weird things. Once it printed my purge strip at a 45 degree angle. It seems to change my z-probe offset value by 0.2mm, and some other weird things. I just use the BLtouch to set my first layer squish, and level it manually.
#3: Sometimes the printers won't start the print jobs. You'll select everything appropriately, and the printing screen will come up, but it will NEVER preheat or start the job. Only by turning the printer off, taking the SD card out, turning the printer back on, attempting to print without the SD card in, then attempting to print with the SD card in will it work. If that sounds confusing, its because it is.
#4: 2 of the 5 printers I received had Z axis rods that were too long and had to be cut down. You can't do it with a regular reciprocating saw, the metal is too hard. I had to use a grinder with a cut off wheel.
#5: Loose hardware all over the place. When you first assemble the printer, take the time to check every nut and bolt that came preassembled. You will find many that are barely tight or downright loose. Of particular check the set screws on the gears inside the extruder. I had horrible stringing problems on one printer that I just couldn't figure out until I saw a post online about loose extruder gears.
#6: stripped bolt holes. The top frame is aluminum, which is a soft metal. While I was going through and tightening all the pre-installed hardware, I found that many of the bolt holes holding the linear rails to the top frame were already stripped out. It seems that they didn't drill and tap the holes deep enough into the aluminum for the steel bolts to have a good hold, and thus they get stripped out. So, I wound up drilling the holes all the way through the top frame, putting longer bolts in and putting a nut on top to make darn well sure they wouldn't strip out again.
#7: Cheap fans. This one isn't really isolated to just the SP3 or even twotrees. I'd say every budget printer out there cheaped out where they could, and fans were one of those areas. The fans WILL die/become very noisy within weeks of first assembly. The fans inside the case died especially fast. Buy extra fans, get the ball bearing kind, they last longer.
#8: Squeaky z-rod. Get some lithium grease to put on the Z screw rod. Otherwise you'll go insane.
#9: The rigid/corrugated wire management stuff they included is horrible to work with. Toss it. Get a bunch of zip ties (the ones included suck) and if you can some expandable braided cable sleeve. SOO much easier to work with.
#10: Assembly instructions are not great. If you've never assembled a printer before, this might give you a headache.
#11: No instructions on how tight to make the X & Y belts, or really even how to attach them at all. Too loose and you have sloppy prints, too tight and you'll get vertical lines on your prints.

I'm nit picking now. Like I said, overall I like the printers, but they have some definite issues that need to be addressed in order for them to be functional. I'm definitely not a printer snob, I need cheap, fast, reliable machines for my online shop. Two Trees provided the cheap and fast, now it is up to me to make them reliable.

A powerful diode laser With great value

Two trees products continue to impress me with their excellent value. The packaging is organized and secure and the included instructions are detailed and filled with great illustrations. If you pay close attention to the instructions, you should be able to complete assembly in under 30 minutes without issue.
The fixed focus laser module and included focusing tool combined with the adjustable height carriage makes it quick and painless to set the laser focus to the workpiece. Printed measurement scales on all four sides of the frame are a great reference point for positioning the workpiece and to help ensure the X axis is properly aligned with the frame. The magnetic laser cover has a funnel built in which guides the air from the module cooling fan around the laser beam and functions as a very mild air assist. Just enough to keep smoke particles from settling on the lense. I’m sure this will help with longevity. I’m not a fan of the use of POM wheels and would definitely prefer linear rails. An air assist nozzle would also be a nice addition, or a fitting to attach an air line to the magnetic cover.
Coming from a 3d printing background made assembly and setup pretty easy. I was able to produce my first photo engraving on a ceramic tile in my first day. The 5.5w model is perfect for engraving tile and quickly engraving wood and MDF.
Overall I’m really impressed with this laser engraver and would definitely buy another.

Very Interesting Design

I've never seen sideways motors like that.

Good Set

More features, pretty nice machine!

great price and gets the job done

I love my new laser and I use it primarily for cutting paper stencils and not engraving. It's very basic and I that I needed to get the job done. Like all cutting lasers it makes a lot of smoke so you are going to want to use it in a well ventilated area.

Loved it

High quality, easy to assemble, very useful for small businesses.
Delivery was very quick (in 7 days)

TwoTrees Enclosed Laser Engraver TS3
Bill (Fathertime) Moyer
Good Stuff....

Excellent experance with all the tensions in world today they got oit done.. The machine is well made and works great.. Thanks.. Fathertime

not to good

it´s a okay machine for hobbyist but the moving gantry i heavy (3 stepper and height adj.) so slower engraving to not risk losing steps.
manual says you get 12v 4a power supply mine says 12v 3a (max4a) that´s a new one (steppers are about 1.4A most 5w LD is around 3A so total 4.4a ish)
the X gantry is plastic and not rigid enough (V wheels have to clamp harder and gantry plate can maybe get warped with time)
and excited to see how long laser lasts
customer support is fast but not very usefully

TwoTrees CoreXY 3D Printer SP-3 with Acrylic Shell
Maciej Matuszek

taking the stickers takes a long time. I still haven't finished it ...

Machine is no good

I received this machine on April 14 2022, when box was opened I found loose parts laying in packing, as I unpacked the machine found the x rail left side loose t nuts had been pulled through rail and bearing was missing from top of gantry, found in lower part of box. after 3 hours of resetting every thing and making sure all was square I finely turned it on. First I let it home it seemed to press on build plate, I tried auto level did the same, found that probe on auto level was broke ,They are sending new sensor , but I had extra probes for this sensor so I repaired that, now it auto leveled but tries to print up to high ,. This is a brand new machine and I have spent the better part of a week making repairs, Customer Service is hard to talk with. I was the biggest mistake I made this year buying this machine, the should replace it



Aluminum Laser Cutting Honeycomb Workbench Table


Producto excepcional, muy buena calidad y muy buen servicio técnico


Assolutamente eccezzionale


I only assembeld It si far and with the video it's fairly easy but se have to go slowly. I think that I'm going to gave fun.
Received earlier than scheduled.

TwoTrees CoreXY 3D Printer SP-3 with Acrylic Shell
Matej Rifelj
Missing instructions

Can't find instructions how to assemble Acrylic Shell

1 Dollar Postage Link
Vlasceanu Aurelian Emanuel

1 Dollar Postage Link

Good but ...

First prints done .
Printer is very good , and quiet enought.
The main problem is belt. Exacly it's tension. There should to be an system that woult let users easly tens the belt.

【Direct Shipping】TwoTrees Compressed Laser Engraver TT-5.5S


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