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TS3 Laser engraver AS A MASTER, ENGRAVE AT HOME Supercharge by MKS ESP32 10W From $1069 Top-Notch Safety Less to Worry More to engraving Redesigned around the co-branded MKS chip,...

TS3 Laser engraver

AS A MASTER, ENGRAVE AT HOME Supercharge by MKS ESP32 10W From $1069
TwoTrees Official Shop
Top-Notch Safety
to Worry
More to engraving
TwoTrees Official Shop
Redesigned around the co-branded MKS chip, the TS3 laser engraver delivers amazing performance, bringing superior laser power and engraving precision inside its durable, fully sheet metal enclosed body. It is an ultra-fast, ultra-powerful laser engraver that allows you to work, play or create anything, anywhere.
10W Laser power
8.25mm One cut thick
Plane to surface engraving.
Two modes with one knob.

The TS3 laser engraver has two practical engraving modes - flat engraving for e.g. wood/paper and curved engraving for e.g. pens/glasses.

TwoTrees Official Shop
Flat Engraving For e.g. wood/paper
TwoTrees Official Shop
Curved Engraving For e.g. pens/glasses
TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Official Shop TwoTrees Official Shop

Smoke particles are 90 percent adsorbed. Thanks to the high efficiency of the air filter foam, the TS3 laser engraver can provide amazing smoke handling without the assistance of a fan, so it remains completely air breathable no matter how stressful the task.

Fast smoke removal. External air duct, TS3 laser engraving machine equipped with a small fan suction power is strong, within a few minutes the smoke will be drained.

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Performance LD+FAC+C-Lens technology The laser beam went through the micro lens, being condensed and reshaped. Then smaller–taper laser beam with more concentrated facula will be output, which enables TS3 to achieve accurate result, making the edge cleaner and tidier.
Precision 0.08m Ultra fine
Power 10W Strong
Fast engraving
Speed 10000mm/min Cut ability
TwoTrees Official Shop
The TS3 laser engraver can really engrave. How will you use with TwoTrees TS3
Leather/Paper/Costumes/Organization/Tile/Acrylic/Classroom/Game/Maps/Wood/Family Projects/Jewelry /Pet Projects/Weddings/Home Decorations
TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Official Shop
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Spray Paint
TwoTrees Official Shop
Stainless Steel
TwoTrees Official Shop
TwoTrees Official Shop
More support for your work. All your usual software programs run at lightning speed in TS3, including Light burn/LaserGEBL and many of your favorite file formats. With support for JPG, PNG, BMP, DWG, DXF, SVG, NC, G-code support, your creative future will be even more expansive.
TwoTrees Official Shop
It's even easier. Connect TS3 on your mobile app and engrave the file. Think of your phone as a mobile app and use TS3 over a simple WiFi link like they were made for each other. Because they are.
TwoTrees Official Shop TF/Storage Card:
Store patterns on TF Cards and use the TS3's 3.5-inch screen to monitor the speed, power, and time of the project.
TwoTrees Official Shop Wired:
Connect your TS3 directly to your PC with compatible cable. This feature is especially helpful when engraving larger patterns, as it's easier to make adjustments.
Double LD+FAC+C-len To be clear,
It's ultra-fine.
TwoTrees Official Shop
Other Machine
The amazing 10W laser head using Hoplight technology is the largest and sharpest laser head Two Trees has ever made, supporting 0.08mm accuracy. The lines are super clear and engraved photos and pictures are more brilliant and vivid with rich contrast and sharp details.
Double LD+FAC+C-len Clean edges,
one-time cutting.
TwoTrees Official Shop
Make the best impression in laser cutting with a high-powered laser head and precise focus. Support dozens of material cutting jobs to enjoy in passionate DIY handicraft creations.TS3 laser engraving machine is designed to stimulate people's creativity.
Cut various materails
Paper/Paper Box/ Card Box/ Density Board/ Kraft Paper/ Leather/ Nonwovens/ Gauze/ Foam Plate/ Plywood/ Acrylic/ Plastic sheet/ Pine Plank etc.
Top-Notch Safety Keep you and
your family safe.
Comfortable and secure, the TS3's protection system now has a lift-off yellow transparent cover that can be quickly closed to allow operation in a fully enclosed environment, as well as the ability to observe the working status of the already filtered laser through the transparent cover. The sensitive flame detector will be very timely to detect the wrong working condition - an open flame caused by excessive temperature, the departure of the buzzer alarm, so that the user in time to notice the situation in order to take action. All of this is done automatically with the TS3. With limit switches, there is an accurate positioning system to work precisely.
1 Protective Eye Shield
2 Flame Detector
3 The Buzzer Alarm
4 Automatic Shut-down Function
5 Photoelectric limit switch
One Knob Maintain versatility
and efficiency
The mode switching knob designed on the back of the machine is easy to spot when you want to switch from flat to cylindrical engraving mode, simply rotate from number 1 to number 2 and return to the front of the machine to remove the internal honeycomb plate to use the cylindrical engraving operating table.
Flat engraving mode
TwoTrees Official Shop
Cylindrical engraving mode
TwoTrees Official Shop
Use 3.5 inch
Touch screen
on your TS3.
TwoTrees Official Shop
The TS3 has biggest
working area as enclosed
desktop engraver.
Which Laser engraver
is right for you?
TwoTrees Official Shop TwoTrees Official Shop TwoTrees Official Shop
Name TS3 TS2 TTS-55
Price $869 $699 $299
Laser Power 10W 10W 5W
APP Connection ×
Touch Screen Have External External
Air Filter × ×
Flame Detector & Fire Alarm ×
Over-heat Shut-down ×
Precision 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Polywood Cuttings Thickness 8mm 8mm 5mm
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Reference of Materials


For engraving

Electroplated coating10001001
Powder coating6000501
Anodic alumina6000201
Stainless steel30001001
Density board6000601
Plastic board6000401


For Cutting

MaterialSpeed(mm/min)Power (%)Times
Plywood 1mm6001001
Plywood 2mm4501001
Plywood 3mm2801001
Plywood 4mm2001001
Plywood 5mm1501001
Plywood 6mm1001001
Plywood 7-8mm1001001~2
Acrylic 1mm5001001
Acrylic 3mm2001001
Acrylic 6mm1001001~2


Model No.TS3
Laser power10W Compressed spot laser
Laser wave length445±5nm
Output power35W-40W
MaterialAluminum profile + metal
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy0.1mm
Engraving Size14.2" (300*200mm)
Engraving accuracy0.08mm
Engraving speed10000mm / min
Engraving methodUSB / APP / Online / Screen Operation
Engraving materialsStainless steel
Engraving modeImage carving、Test carving、Scanning carving、Contour carving、Pixel carving
Support systemWindows
Support SoftwareLaserGRBL / Lightburn
Machine Size570*430*270mm
Package Size630*500*330mm
Machine Weight14.4kg
Package Weight16kg

TF Card Files: Download (User manual, installation video,softwares and other required files are all included in the profile.)


How to do color laser engraving?

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TS3 Enclosed 10W Diode Laser Engraver for Brazil - TwoTrees
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