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😍Emoji Trivia Challenge🤩

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Who Can Win the accessory?

Only one winner will be chosen if the comments exceed 50. But don't worry, things will get better 😱 Once the comments exceed 150, 250, or 350... the number of winners will increase by one, two, or three... 🎉

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July 17~ July 23, 2023

A. Win a blistering #SP5V3 (300mm/s) . This is an upgraded 3DP😍
B:And others please feel free to choose one of them:
Air Pump😯
Dry box😮
PLA Filaments😲

📢 Winners Announcement
Randomly drawn and announced on July 24th!

🌈With TwoTrees celebrating Emoji Day, spread joy and positivity! ❤️😊