New Enclosed Laser Engraving Machine——TS3

On September 9, 2021, TS3 finally showed its true face at Formnext Exhibition and every major social media of TwoTrees.

As a desktop LD+FAC laser engraving machine, it perfectly combines the relatively small-size housing with the environmentally friendly filtering system.

  1. Design process and story of TS3

This design is special due to the pursuit that customers can have a better experience.

The story behind it is interesting and tortuous. It was triggered by a biscuit.

In early January 2021, when Rongpeng Huang, the TwoTrees Engineer in charge, was testing an engraving machine with a dealer, a young lady took a biscuit nearby for engraving. When the biscuit was burned by the laser, it gave off a strong fragrance, which everyone kept sniffing and liked so much. But when turning to the plywood, she couldn’t help complaining that “it smells bad”.

Huang was greatly inspired by this episode. He sat on the high-speed rail on the return trip, thinking about how to minimize the smell of carving.

So after Huang came back, he and the R&D team began a long test journey. From the exhaust pipe at the beginning to the acrylic cover, and finally the desktop shell; From the design of fan exhaust design to the birth of internal circulation filtration system.

After several months of brewing, the prototype of TS3 finally appeared completely.

When asked about the original intention of designing this machine, Huang said: “Let users enjoy and reduce any troubles at the same time”.

Huang’s explanation is that he hopes that users will not be bothered by directly exposing to the laser or smoke while feeling the sense of achievement brought by DIY.

2. Advantages of TS3

The advantages of TS3 can be summarized into three aspects: household, practical and intelligent.

2.1 Household Machine

TS3 is a laser engraving machine that can be placed and used at home. The machine is packaged as a whole so that there is zero complex assembly. More importantly, it is safe and environmentally friendly. It is not only equipped with a flame detection alarm, but also has a smoke filtering system to purify the odor and smoke generated in the carving process, so as to minimize the impact and provide you and your family with a more comfortable and healthy experience. The acrylic protective cover can protect the eyes of children or pets from unnecessary damage without wearing goggles uncomfortably.

2.2 Practical Machine

Secondly, TS3 has amazing practicability. 10W compressed spot laser head can easily cut 8mm plywood at one time. It also can carve on leather, sponge paper, coated metal, stainless steel and pebbles. In addition, the machine actually has two layers to realize different functional areas. The first layer is a cellular platform, which offers better penetration for cutting. After removing it and the partition plate, the second layer is a rotating module to meet the needs of cylindrical object engraving. More conveniently, the rotary module can be directly opened by the knob behind the machine without changing the wiring.

2.3 Intelligent Machine

Finally, it is quite intelligent and convenient to use. It can not only engrave with USB cable as the traditional kind of engraving machine, but also has four offline working modes, namely TF card, Wi-Fi, screen and App. Especially the App, you can download it on your mobile phones or pads, create your works on the drawing board or through importing pictures from your album, so as to immediately enjoy the fun of DIY.

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