Join 3D Printing Model Contest to Win $519.99 Twotrees BLU-5 3D Printer

Twotrees is partnering with Cults3D to host the 3D printing robot modeling contest.


1st prizea TWOTREES BLU-5 3D printer valued at $519.99 + a TWOTREES site voucher valued at $100 + a pack of parts valued at $80 + a pack of peripherals valued at $60.

2nd Prize: A TWOTREES voucher valued at $100 + a pack of parts valued at $80 + a pack of peripherals valued at $60.

3rd Prize: A pack of parts worth $80 + a pack of peripherals worth $60.

4th prize: a peripheral pack valued at $60.

Share your favorite robot 3D model in social networks and get the maximum of "Likes" on your page to win our prizes. Following is gifts for our winners:

Consumerables Package

  • Pack of peripherals valued at $60: the package include one T-shirt with Twotrees Logo, 1pcs BLUER purse, 1KG white PLA filament and 1KG black PLA filament.

Gift package


Step One: Post one or more 3D models related to the theme of the Robot contest and if possible add a photo of the model once 3D printed or a photo of the 3D rendering if you don't have a 3D printer. The model can be divided into several parts. The object must be beautiful and original.

Step Two: Mention in the description of your creation the hashtag: #TWOTREESROBOT

Step Three: Submit your 3D model for free on Cults with the Creative Common CC-BY license. TWOTREES reserves the right to use the photos of the model, the 3D model and to print it in 3D.

Step Four: Share your creation around you in order to get the maximum of "Likes" on your page (only real "Likes" will be taken into account).

To enter into the contest, please visit Cults3D website for more information.


Step One: Check the contest page with above link, and click the "I'M ENTERING THE CONTEST!" button at the bottom of page to login and submit your work. 

Check contest page in cults3d

Step Two: Login your Cults3D account or creat one if you don't own one.

Login Account

Step Three: Fill in all required forms and upload your work with information to explain your ideas. After all forms and files filled, click the next button to submit. More details would help our judge understand your work and give your bigger chance to win the contest. 

Fill in all forms

If you have any further questions regarding the contest, please do not hesitate to contact us. One of our agent would reply you as soon as possible.