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Ison Tenney
good, with some caveats.

Ok, I've got 5 of these printers running moderately hard in a small print farm for the past 2 months. And overall I am happy with them. I like the size, I like how fast they are. I've had a few issues that I needed to contact customer service about and they were very helpful and responsive, even considering the obvious language barrier (you'll see what I mean if you contact them). And the user interface has some features that I appreciate and are not found on printers I've used from another brand.
I've learned a few things about these printers that are certainly not deal breakers, but that a prospective buyer might appreciate knowing.
#1: Upgrade the firmware. When you go to the firmware section of the twotrees site, there is a disclaimer not to upgrade firmware unless your printer doesn't work. Don't listen, just do it. They new firmware is better than what the printers ship with.
#2: 3Dtouch or BLtouch support/integration sucks. If you put the G29 code into your g-code, the printer just does weird things. Once it printed my purge strip at a 45 degree angle. It seems to change my z-probe offset value by 0.2mm, and some other weird things. I just use the BLtouch to set my first layer squish, and level it manually.
#3: Sometimes the printers won't start the print jobs. You'll select everything appropriately, and the printing screen will come up, but it will NEVER preheat or start the job. Only by turning the printer off, taking the SD card out, turning the printer back on, attempting to print without the SD card in, then attempting to print with the SD card in will it work. If that sounds confusing, its because it is.
#4: 2 of the 5 printers I received had Z axis rods that were too long and had to be cut down. You can't do it with a regular reciprocating saw, the metal is too hard. I had to use a grinder with a cut off wheel.
#5: Loose hardware all over the place. When you first assemble the printer, take the time to check every nut and bolt that came preassembled. You will find many that are barely tight or downright loose. Of particular check the set screws on the gears inside the extruder. I had horrible stringing problems on one printer that I just couldn't figure out until I saw a post online about loose extruder gears.
#6: stripped bolt holes. The top frame is aluminum, which is a soft metal. While I was going through and tightening all the pre-installed hardware, I found that many of the bolt holes holding the linear rails to the top frame were already stripped out. It seems that they didn't drill and tap the holes deep enough into the aluminum for the steel bolts to have a good hold, and thus they get stripped out. So, I wound up drilling the holes all the way through the top frame, putting longer bolts in and putting a nut on top to make darn well sure they wouldn't strip out again.
#7: Cheap fans. This one isn't really isolated to just the SP3 or even twotrees. I'd say every budget printer out there cheaped out where they could, and fans were one of those areas. The fans WILL die/become very noisy within weeks of first assembly. The fans inside the case died especially fast. Buy extra fans, get the ball bearing kind, they last longer.
#8: Squeaky z-rod. Get some lithium grease to put on the Z screw rod. Otherwise you'll go insane.
#9: The rigid/corrugated wire management stuff they included is horrible to work with. Toss it. Get a bunch of zip ties (the ones included suck) and if you can some expandable braided cable sleeve. SOO much easier to work with.
#10: Assembly instructions are not great. If you've never assembled a printer before, this might give you a headache.
#11: No instructions on how tight to make the X & Y belts, or really even how to attach them at all. Too loose and you have sloppy prints, too tight and you'll get vertical lines on your prints.

I'm nit picking now. Like I said, overall I like the printers, but they have some definite issues that need to be addressed in order for them to be functional. I'm definitely not a printer snob, I need cheap, fast, reliable machines for my online shop. Two Trees provided the cheap and fast, now it is up to me to make them reliable.

Maverick D'Amore

Came for 5 days in Krasnodar Territory, everything is in the kit, prints, already tried, I'm new in this case, so I will not judge. The only thing that I realized is that the filament that is included in the kit is contacious. Breaks, gets stuck. And so in general satisfied.

Rylan Durgan

Принтер отличный, но отношение производителя к своему творению странное. Тупая прошивка, крепление ремней, не подогнана длина трубки,гофры, крепление концевика z, крепление гофры - все это реализовано странно. Принтер хороший, но с мелкими недоработками и причудами. Рекомендую для любителей и ценителей 3d печати.

Estevan Hoppe

Все хорошо, пришло к двери за пять дней, собрал работает, но без косяка не обошлось - две лопасти отломаны и в мешке остатков нет, значит такой упаковали.

Isabella Gutmann

A good printer for your money, but there are several complaints: 1) the base cover does not fit under the holes. It's just impossible to screw all the legs. Not enough literally a couple of millimeters. Of course, the marriage is probably not on all copies. In my case, I had to drill a little. 2) not enough two bolts to mount the legs/cap 3) badly assembled Portal. Rails have to be untwisted and adjusted again, because. The carriage runs with stuck. 4) Make sure the tube is inserted to the stop, to the nozzle itself. Make sure again. Pleasure to disassemble hotend and clean the debris from plastic below average. You can generally unscrew the nozzle, stretch the tube to the floor of a millimeter below the throat and then already screw the nozzle with a small clamp. 5) There is not enough key to remove the nozzle. We'll have to follow him to the store. Shut the manufacturer. But there are nippers and lubrication-it's in pluses. Out of the box, the printing is quite decent (later I'll take a photo of the calibration cube "out of the box"). That's how it prints out of the box. Not a very good laying along the walls (some layers are bulging harder), vertical ripples on both axes, the first layers are terrified (but here the printer does not have any) not Only one cube was printed, unfortunately, again whether the cork or the nozzle was clogged. This time, the filament is not stuck thank God, now I will disassemble (I want to go to the store for the key first, and then the passages scratch). A complete plastic of poor quality, I have a couple of times broke down directly in the extruder (it is wound very screams in places, when straightened up, it can be be be be Important: The firmware is corny, in any case do not put the print on pause. The firmware hangs, and the heating begins uncontrolled to grow (well, that stink noticed), after the temperature sensor is restarted in shock (the last photo). In chat, the guys confirmed the same mistake.

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Model SP-3
Number Of Nozzles 1
Nozzle Size 0.4mm
Molding Platform Size 220*220*220mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.1-0.2mm
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.01mm
Z-Axis Positioning Accuracy 0.0025mm
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Printing Method TF card / online printing
Display 3.5" Color Touch Screen
Machine Speed 10~1000mm/s
Printing Speed 20-200mm/s
Max Extrusion Head Temperature 260℃
Max Hot Bed Temperature 100℃
Support Filament PLA/ABS/PETG/Wood etc.
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Software Format STL、OBJ、JPG
Print File Format Gcode
Power supply 220V/110V 360W
Operating System Windows
Support Software Repetier-Host
Machine Size L405*W380*H466mm
Machine Weight 11.5KG
Package Weight 14KG

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