PEI Magnetic Base Textured Hotbed For 3D Printer
Double Sided PEI Hotbed 220/235/310mm Magnetic PEI Printing Hotbed
SP-3 3D Printer Acrylic Case
Weight: 4kgPackage: 51*43* 6cm
$161 $99
SP-3 CoreXY 3D Printer - TwoTrees - Only Acrylic Case
SP-3 is one CoreXY printer built with full metal housing and a strong structure. It's with two Z-axis, dual-gear extruder and linear rails for faster motion and higher precision. Its resume printing function saves your prints from power failure and...
$319 $239
SP-5 CoreXY 3D Printer - TwoTrees - US 110V
SP-5 is one CoreXY 3D printer with largest printing space. It's a professional desktop 3D printers with metal enclosure case and outstanding performance. It's a consumer 3D printing machine with CoreXY structure for users of all levels.
$479 $449
Bluer Pro(BLU-3) V2 i3-style 3D Printer - TwoTrees - EU 230V
BLU-3 V2 is one of the best affordable 3D printer in the market with some highlight features. It's easy to use with high accuracy and decent prints.
$319 $219
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