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TwoTrees TS3 Enclosed Laser Engraver, metal enclosure, honeycomb bed, air filter, exhaust fan duct

by Nanzhen Kuang 19 Feb 2022

Welcome back to Aurora Tech Channel. Today, I will review the TwoTress TS3 Laser Engraver. This engraver came with a metal case and the appearance look really nice; it also came with a 3.5” touch screen which allows you to work offline without connecting the machine to the computer via a USB cable. You can just save the Gcode files in the micro-SD card and use it like a 3D printer. There are 2 options to handle the smoke generated during engraving, the first option is a carbon filter, and the second option is using a duct to exhaust the smoke, I will test out both options. You can also choose from a 5W or 10W laser module, the machine I received came with a 10W module. This machine will be ready to ship in April, as the manufacturer is working on some improvements, you may see some differences in the final product. I would like to thank TwoTress for sending me this machine for early review.


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