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▼ TwoTrees TS2 Laser Engraver Review

by Nanzhen Kuang 05 Jul 2022

The TwoTrees laser engraving machine and cutter is definitely one of the most complete laser cutting machines you can buy right now that uses a 10 Watt diode laser. The machine can be operated perfectly with the free LaserGRBL software, but you can also work perfectly with Lightburn with this machine, and TwoTrees has its own app for Android and Apple users with which you can use the machine over WiFi. You no longer have to do the adjustment of the machine by hand, because the TS-2 uses a very well-functioning autofocus over the Z axis of the machine, and this autofocus measures with a probe where the material is located. You just have to indicate whether you want to engrave or cut, and if you want to cut, you have to tell us how thick the material is that you want to cut. The TS-2 then sets itself to the correct depth, making the most perfect cuts I've ever seen from a laser cutting machine with a diode laser. As an example, I have never managed to make a nice cut from 6mm thick MDF board, but with this machine it was no problem at all. Acrylic and stainless steel are also no challenge for this machine, you can simply work with these materials. TwoTrees gave me this machine as a gift for a review, but they were unable to influence the review in any way. Everything I say and show in this review is my own opinion and came about through my own testing.


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